Monday, November 21, 2016

After The Trade Show- Lead Follow Up

Ok, so your company has spent thousands on a trade show booth, brochures, business cards and free giveaway items or samples. There was also time and travel expenses for your staff to attend not to mention food and entertainment expenses while at the show. 

It's the last day and you've collected hopefully, dozens upon dozens of business cards and contact information and emails, so what now? How do I make all the time and cost worth it?

You follow up the leads! Almost 80% of your standard leads are not followed up in a timely manner.  You should follow up with your leads in the first two weeks.  This makes it easier for them to remember you, your product and the likeliness of their company following through with a purchase.

Here are a few suggestions. Instead of wasting money on brochures and giveaways for people that are going to throw them away a few aisles over anyway, use the business cards and contact information you collect at your next trade show to send samples, product catalogs and more about your company to their office. They'll appreciate the personal touch and your company has not wasted money on giveaways and marketing materials that go to the non-decision makers.  This makes you memorable to them and puts you in front of the rest when they are ready to purchase. 

Not all trade show visitors are the key players or decision makers that attend the trade shows.  Some may be the salesmen sent to size up the completion or get a head start on next years trade show.  Some may be a few employees attending to get out of the office for a few days and report back to their company on what current products are on the market. These are not the people you want to be making your pitch too. They have no authority and may have taken your time from a decision maker waiting in the wings that moved on to another booth with your similar product. 

Whether you do giveaways at the trade show or send them something to their office, don't let the lead go by without making some kind of contact. They might not be ready to purchase now but in the future will be and have kept you at the top of their list because you took the time to reach out, follow up and leave them with a positive impression of your company.